Thursday, November 24, 2011

Advent Calendar Filling Idea - Christmas Tree Felt Board

This will be too big for my Advent Calendar.  I think it would be fun to make it a treasure hunt.

Last year I saw a tutorial for an magnetic Christmas tree Advent calendar.  I loved that it would give kiddos their own tree to decorate.  I thought it would be really fun to make Bug his own Christmas tree to decorate. I wanted to do something other than a magnetic tree.  After a bit of contemplation I settled on making a felt board tree for Bug to decorate.  I chose to attach the tree to the felt board rather than leave it loose. 

Foam core board or cardboard
Felt for background (I used wool blend - it seems sturdier  than craft felt) 
Green felt for tree
small scrap of brown felt for trunk
steam-a-seam or your preferred double sided fusible interfacing
UGlu Dashes or other glue dots

1.  Decide what size you would like your felt board - cut foam core board to size my board is 9" by 11"
2.  Cut a piece of felt that is at least a few inches bigger than the board - my felt backing is 13" by 15"
3.  Center felt backing over foam board - if you use light colored felt be sure to remove the backing sticker from the foam board

4.  Adhere the felt to the board - I used UGlu Dashes this project seems to be made for glue dots. Attach both long sides and then both short sides - I cut a square out of the corner so there would be less bulk

5.  Make a template for the tree - I chose some clip art I liked - modified it a bit and enlarged it as large as I could and have it print on a sheet of paper
6.Trace tree onto steam-a-seam
 7.  Trim away some of the excess steam-a-seam
8. Peel of the backing of the steam-a-seam place the sticky side of the steam-a-seam on the green felt - iron to fuse in place
9.  Cut the tree from the green felt
10. Iron a steam-a-seam to some brown felt
11.  Cut a rectangle from brown felt
12.  Place the trunk sticky side down where you would like it on the felt board
13.  Place the tree sticky side down slightly overlapping the trunk
14.  Iron to fuse the tree and trunk to the board

I like that it doesn't necessarily look like a toy.  I'll plan to give the felt board and a few ornaments on one day and give other small collections of ornaments on other days.
 I made ornaments from small scale cotton Christmas prints backed with felt to use as ornaments for the felt board the same way I made the new sew fabric ornaments.

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  1. ooohhh... you already have a Christmas Tree feltie - i should have linked to this! I love all that you do... I wish I could sew... paper is my material of choice. x